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The Sarah Hartman Fund for Paddle Sports Education

Over many years, the sport of paddling has benefited greatly from the leadership provided by those individuals who have achieved the advanced level of training which allows them to to train other instructors, and those Instructors who achieve advanced Instructor certifications. This fund has been created with an initial grant of $3000 in order to encourage the development of additional “Instructor Trainers” and advanced level Instructors (ACA Level III or above) in the Heartland states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.
A resident of any of the above states will be entitled to receive a one time $500 honorarium, upon completion of necessary training and presentation of evidence of certification in any paddling discipline as:

1. An American Canoe Association Instructor Trainer, or Instructor Trainer Educator.
2. A United States Canoe Association Trainer.
3. A British Canoe Union Level 5 Assessor

A one time $150 honorarium will be paid to those individuals who present evidence of certification in any paddling discipline as:

1. An American Canoe Association Instructor Level III or above
2. A British Canoe Union Coach 3

These honorarium are designed to reimburse successful Trainees for some of the incidental costs incurred during the certification process. No one may receive more than one honorarium. Awards will be made until the fund is depleted.

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